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Two way chat

App Version 6.4.0

Goodbye emails (you won't be missed) and hello chat! This app update allows residents to send a message back to managers in a form submission, completely removing the need for emails 🥳

In addition, the manager assigned to the submission will receive an alert in the new notifications dropdown. Clicking on this notification will take you to the site and submission where the message was sent. Once actioned, you can clear the notification and move on to the next item requiring your attention.

Open site requests

In the move to replace the old maintenance request feature with forms, you can now choose to show all open submissions on the resident app for certain forms. These will display in a new Site Requests section on the home screen, and residents can click to view more details about each submission.

This improved visibility will go a long way to reducing duplicate submissions and keeping the entire site updated.


  • At the site level, you can change the status, priority and assignee of a form submission directly from the table

  • You can create a new form manually in the admin console on behalf of a resident

  • The Lot Number is now shown on the StrataMax import table, rather than the id

  • The activity feed on form submissions now shows the actual date and time, rather than how long ago it was created

  • The EULA and privacy policy links have been updated to our new website URL

  • Update the help centre URL in the mobile app

  • We have a new roadmap, check it out here!

Bug fixes

  • The Add Response button on Committee Hub topics was hidden on iOS devices when there was a full page of responses

  • Old request types (maintenance, builder defects, custom) were still showing in the filter dropdown on the resident app, even when they had been disabled using the feature toggles

  • Some accounts were having issues saving the new invite email settings

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New invite email

On the theme of increasing resident uptake and improving the overall signup experience, we've redesigned the invite email and provided you with more customisation.

Company admins can now go to the Company Dashboard > Manage > Account Settings to edit and format the body of the email. You can also add your marketing website to the footer of your emails to improve credibility.

The page for setting a password once users accept their invite has also been updated. Its design is now more in line with your application so there's a smooth transition from email > password > downloading the app and logging in.

Custom form fields in the table

To provide more context and search capabilities when viewing form submissions, you can now select specific fields to show in the table. For example, if you have a selectable option on your maintenance requests form for "Location", this can now be shown for all maintenance submissions on the table.

To enable a field, go to Forms > Manage Forms > Edit > Form > Select the field you'd like to display > toggle the Highlight field option. After you've saved the form, the field will be displayed in the table.


  • When importing users from an integration, the Lot Number is shown in the table, rather than the Lot Id.

  • Only the first name is shown on the Community Wall, and we'll ensure a user's prefered name is displayed if they've set one.

Bug fixes

  • There was an error when adding users to a group in bulk, and some users didn't have a floor number.

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Global form submissions

To improve visibility across your portfolio, the forms tab in the Company Dashboard now shows all submissions from all sites. Filter by type, site, submission date, status, and assignee for reporting, and to ensure nothing gets missed.


  • Removed the requirement for a phone number or apartment number when submitting a form in the app

Bug fixes

  • Issue changing the status of form submissions that were using a company level template

  • The image and attachment field was not showing when creating a company level form in some cases

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Global maintenance export

Company admins can now export a CSV of all maintenance requests from every site. Use this for an overview of your entire portfolio, or to generate your own reports offline. The report can be generated by going to Company Dashboard > Statistics > Maintenance > Send Maintenance Report.


As you've probably noticed by reading this, we've got a new changelog! The new stars button on the top right corner of every page will shake when there's a new update and links directly to this page.

Bug fixes

- Removed a stray "H" that was on the end of every activity log entry

Cover Image for Forms


We're excited to release a brand new forms builder. You can now create company-wide or site-specific forms for residents to submit through the app or web portal. Here are some of the highlights of the new feature:

  • You can create any form or request with custom fields and workflows

  • Residents' details are already in the system, meaning they only need to input information related to the request

  • Each submission has a complete timeline of history and changes

  • Residents receive push notifications for important updates, and can also view a historical timeline of changes

While this is a big first step to improving your service delivery, we're already cooking up some improvements that will make it even better. Over the coming months we'll be working on:

  • Easily sending submissions to Committee Hub for approval

  • Allowing the resident to respond back if more information is required

  • Reporting at a company level on submissions and staff performance

We'll be releasing support content and guides shortly on how to use the new feature.

Enabling forms

Forms will be available for residents inside the existing "Request" section of the app. However, for this to occur your mobile app must be updated to version 6.3.0 or later. 

Once updated to the latest version, we'll enable forms on your admin console and the menu item will appear under the requests section. If you'd like early access to preview the forms on the resident portal, please get in touch with our support team and we'll happily enable this for your account.

Bug fixes

- When assigning an individual admin to a site, the site name wasn't visible in the site selector.

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Forms on the app

App Version 6.3.0

This update contains the new forms feature, soon to be released on the admin console. While there won't be any forms available immediately, any apps on this version onwards will be able to display, submit and view forms when they are made on the admin console.


  • You can download any file from a CommitteeHub topic. This is useful if viewing items on the online portal from a computer

  • Levy notices for StrataMax users now provide the correct issue date and are ordered so the most recent is at the top of the page

  • Users who register manually are no longer shown as inactive users for the first 24 hours

  • Improved buttons on the additional profile items so they are the correct theme

Bug fixes

  • Committee members weren't able to see documents only available to the committee user type

  • When switching sites, the files and recent requests were still showing from the previous site

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Visitor log

Previously the visitor log could only be used through a concierge screen, but now you can check visitors in and out on the admin console 🙌


  • You can now filter communication by "Admins" to see who created alerts and notices.

  • When importing a site via StrataMax, the option to import documents has been removed as it's no longer required due to some previous updates. Documents will still display in the resident application as usual, so no changes are required on your end.

  • When importing users, sometimes you could click the import button twice before the system finished importing the user (which resulted in an error). We've now ensured the button is disabled immediately after you click it so this doesn't occur.

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Tasks on dashboard

Quickly glance at all your assigned tasks on the dashboard of each site. Click on the tasks to view all the details, or create a new task with the quick action button at the top of the page.


  • Comments from committee members on approval items are now shown in the PDF report.

  • When using the "exclude admins" toggle for notices and alerts, committee members (who have admin access) are no longer excluded. This means they will receive the notification.

  • The Admins page in the company dashboard is now using a new method to retrieve data and make changes. Loading times will be improved, and large actions such as bulk assigning to sites will no longer slow down your computer.

Bug fixes

  • In some instances after an admin set their password from an invite email, they were directed to the resident portal. They are now directed to the admin console.

  • If pasting large amounts of text into a Committee Hub topic, the "save" button would be moved off the page. You're now able to scroll and submit the topic as expected.

  • The Folio field from PIQ buildings wasn't displaying in some instances.

Other items

  • There's now a new help chat widget due to changing support platforms on our end. Don't worry though, you'll still be able to reach the same great people on the other end!

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Download app banner

App Version 6.2.0

To drive uptake of the native mobile applications, the online resident portal now has a banner linking to the app store. It will show in the following situations:

  • Computers Clicking on the link will show a popup where the user selects their mobile device type. After confirming, it will send them an SMS with a link to their respective app store.

  • iPhone web browsers Clicking the "View" button will open the Apple App Store and go to the download page for your app.

  • Android web browser Clicking the "View" button will open the Google Play Store and go to the download page for your app.

Using the native mobile application has many benefits such as push notifications and keeping the users logged in, so promoting residents to download the app will increase engagement and ensure nobody misses important information.

Committee Hub Approval Comments

When responding to an approval item, committee members can now provide an optional comment to explain why they approved or denied it. This comment will appear in the PDF report generated in the admin console.


  • When required fields in maintenance requests were missing, an error would appear but not direct the user as to what fields were required. We've now fixed this to tell the user what fields they are missing.

  • Sometimes the notifications tab counter displayed a number even when there weren't any items to see. We've now improved this so it accurately displays the correct number.

  • Some documents from the StrataMax and PIQ integration had a +1 or +2 on the category badge unnecessarily. We've now removed this counter from the badge.

  • For users who have access to update their email from the profile page, we've made sure any changes are reflected in all parts of the system such as the company dashboard.

  • When creating a new post in the Community Wall, the post will appear straight away (rather than taking a couple of minutes to show).

Cover Image for Scheduled maintenance visibility

Scheduled maintenance visibility

We've made some useful improvements to the scheduled maintenance feature. On the table, you can now see the Next scheduled date for an item. The CSV export has also been updated to include the start date, end date, and record of all scheduled report dates for the life of the item. Those in brackets are dates in the past at the time of export.


  • The number of lots is now displayed in the Company Dashboard for each site