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We're excited to release a brand new forms builder. You can now create company-wide or site-specific forms for residents to submit through the app or web portal. Here are some of the highlights of the new feature:

  • You can create any form or request with custom fields and workflows

  • Residents' details are already in the system, meaning they only need to input information related to the request

  • Each submission has a complete timeline of history and changes

  • Residents receive push notifications for important updates, and can also view a historical timeline of changes

While this is a big first step to improving your service delivery, we're already cooking up some improvements that will make it even better. Over the coming months we'll be working on:

  • Easily sending submissions to Committee Hub for approval

  • Allowing the resident to respond back if more information is required

  • Reporting at a company level on submissions and staff performance

We'll be releasing support content and guides shortly on how to use the new feature.

Enabling forms

Forms will be available for residents inside the existing "Request" section of the app. However, for this to occur your mobile app must be updated to version 6.3.0 or later. 

Once updated to the latest version, we'll enable forms on your admin console and the menu item will appear under the requests section. If you'd like early access to preview the forms on the resident portal, please get in touch with our support team and we'll happily enable this for your account.

Bug fixes

- When assigning an individual admin to a site, the site name wasn't visible in the site selector.