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New updates and improvements at Resvu
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Fixes & Improvements

Over the last two months we've been busy building feature improvements, performance updates and squashing bugs. Here are a few things we've deployed.

Feature Updates


  • You can now export a csv file for form submissions table from the site level. This will include the main fields, plus the latest comment.

  • We've added in a manual toggle for our forms requests which allows any request to be visible "site wide" under site requests. You can also toggle specific fields to be visible so you control what details are shown to other residents. in This is great for form requests that might be submitted by multiple residents such as a malfunction in a common area, now only one resident or staff can submit a form for all to see.


  • Improved deliveries functionality in concierge

  • Authorisations for venues now have "limit on number of bookings per time slot" instead of "limit on capacity per time slot".

  • Bookings can now be declined and reasons given for this.

System performance

  • Overall performance increase across our system, this should load certain pages or user information faster.

    • We are constantly working on improving this and will continue to invest in this area of Resvu.


  • User table now has filter to identify "manually added" or "imported" users.

My portfolio

  • Refresh toggle included to get up to date information from sites.

My home

  • Levy notices will show the most recent from the top now.


Sites and users

  • Issue with archiving sites and not users has been fixed. We will be improving our archive functions with future updates.

  • Site details in site settings not saving will now save correctly.

  • Activation email "play store" and "app store" icons fully visible.

Company dashboard

  • Global CSV exports were including archived sites/users, now only active sites/users will be included in export.

  • changing admin user name in company dashboard now changes name across all connected sites.

  • Company dashboard account settings not saving correctly has been resolved.


  • Forms "upload file" field improved.

  • Lines through middle of page on forms will no longer occur.

  • Forms not saving user types or set fields order is now fixed.

  • Editing forms not saving issue now resolved.


  • Notices "created" field filter working correctly

  • Alert notification sending duplicates now fixed.

  • Global newsletters can now be edited once created and saved for any changes to content and visibility.

  • Notices not appearing on app will now appear on app and web portal.


  • My documents viewing duplication issue has been corrected.

  • knowledge base link for admins connected to intercom has now been redirected to our hubspot articles.

  • Useful links not removed from site level if removed from company dashboard issue amended.

  • Useful link edits not saving and showing deleted links has now been amended.


  • Bookings requests error message resolved.

  • Bookings approved by management will now show that they are approved in "your bookings" section of the app or resident portal.