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Admin Console Update V2.1.1

Making things better in a better way!

We've just finished our latest sprint cycle with a more efficient approach, more hands on deck and thorough testing!

New Features

  • You can now generate a job link from form submissions and share this with external parties like contractors

  • Improved loading speed within account, user and site tables

    • load bar to show progress

  • When importing users via CSV, they will not require manual approval

  • Set up email notifications for custom form submissions and assignees

  • Forms submission table default view will now be 100 instead of 25

  • You can now filter the user tables by 'imported' and 'manually added' to assist with ongoing user management

Hot Fixes 'Integrations'

  • Importing PIQ users is now more reliable

  • Archived sites no longer appear in site selection tables

  • Users populating user tables correctly when imported

  • Paid levy balances will no longer generate push notification reminders for owners (StrataMax accounts only)

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Global useful links applying to current and future sites when selected

  • Imported StrataMax users not getting welcome email in some cases

  • User management pending/deleted users will now update correctly

  • Notice sent & reminder dates will be accurate now

  • Search filter for form submission improved

  • Option to add a 'description' when uploading notices

  • Archived sites are no longer displaying in some active site lists

  • Admin teams - applying users to divisions or folios

  • Updates to default committee groups in configuration for CR users

Resident App / Web Portal

  • Reply button in club messenger now visible in mobile app

  • Community wall infinity loading issue corrected

  • Uploaded files to form submissions now working on desktop/devices