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Product Update + Admin Console Update 2.4.3

Product Update

We've got some exciting times ahead here at Resvu in 2023:

  • Work order and quotes will be available in Quarter 4 this year on our new 'Enterprise' package - see more here: 

  • We will be reaching out in Q3 to share more prior to releasing these features.

  • To find out more about what's coming in 2023 please view our product roadmap here:

  • Updates to our online knowledge base are live.

  • We're redesigning the admin console and resident app so expect to see:

    • A cleaner more modern look

    • More intuitive and friendly UI

    • Less buttons but better work flow

    • a significant increase in performance, speed and overall usability

Admin Console Update 2.4.3 Features

  • Venues in concierge now have have multiple sitting times available which means you can create one venue with different blocks of the day available

  • New UI for tool bar in company dashboard, managers dashboard and site level for better navigation

  • Admins can toggle to receive email notifications (in form settings) if a resident/requestor messages in regard to a form submission they've made, internal notification bell will still work as designed

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Committee Group - Not populating site committee group/members has been resolved

  • Form field single select has character limit increased so there is no cut off on selections

  • Document download being greater than 5mb has been increased

  • Signup email is not working when new user is registered

  • Digital notice board gallery for some sites not rotating issue fixed

  • Levy notice amount not displaying all categories "defects" missing from app, levy total correct though (StrataMax customers only)

  • Multiple lot owner switching between lots can successfully lodge requests within same site

  • Newly imported sites to pick up global feature toggles resolved if setting listed

Resident App

  • Residents now get an email notification/push notification when an admin assignee messages them directly in relation to a form submission

  • Committee Members to close their own topics from the resident app as well as the admin console

  • Notification/push notification for user in app section when form assignee messages them directly.