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PIQ Customer Integration Update

User scheduler Import:

  • Updated scheduler will import users including all the linked lots within a site

Admin Console:

  • Import users/owners table will show all users including the list of lots the user is linked to

  • In PIQ API configuration settings you can enable/disable levy notices on the app and set the number years to display levy data

  • Site/User management - ability to view all lots linked to a user on the details tab within user profile

  • Admins with access will be able to select and view lot details for all linked lots on the integrations tab within user profile

  • Admins will be able to view the specific lot number for a request created on the resident app

Resident App:

  • Lot owners will now be able to see levy notices and levies in the my home section of the app

  • They'll be able to switch between multiple lots (if they have them) to see different levies/levy notices for each lot

  • For users with multiple lots, they will see that the 'Levies' section has a lot selector including a breakdown of paid/unpaid levies divided by periods.

  • ‘Pay Now’ directs users to the deft website to make payments.

Help Centre:

  • We'll be updating our help centre articles to reflect these new changes