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Cover Image for Admin Console Update Version 2.4.2

Admin Console Update Version 2.4.2



  • You can now archive custom form templates

  • Open form submissions in new tabs so you don't lose your place in the submission table

  • Forms submission table to show "active" and "closed" submissions for Admins

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Forms filter will no longer carry over when changing sites in admin console

  • Custom app section new UI in admin console

  • Form submissions - More settings to display site requests on app/resident portal

  • Duplication of new user registration email to admin issue resolved

  • Account Approved methods have been refined where some users were experiencing issues logging in after approval

  • Survey deletion now removed from resident app as well as admin console

  • Site image from company dashboard edit now responsive

  • Email notifications for new users has been improved in notification settings for sites

Resident App

  • Site request names now visible across all requests

  • API for documents enhancement across integrated customers

  • Profile > Additional details section more functional in app/portal

  • Users registering by site code enhancements