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Cover Image for Admin Console Update V2.3.0

Admin Console Update V2.3.0


  • Continued work being done on Manager Dashboard "Coming soon"!

  • Forms template library "Coming Soon"!

  • Documents now showing newest to oldest (My Home Section)

  • Organise forms order in Company Dashboard and Sites

Bug Fixes

  • Activation email duplication issue resolved (StrataMax users)

  • Email and Push/Mobile notifications glitch resolved

  • Some user notification preferences not applying, now resolved

  • Hidden site fields visibility in site requests fixed (Form submissions)

  • Resident-App: Duplicate requests resolved

Resident-app self-registration process

  • Admin approval now required for all new self-registered users, additional vetting process for more control over your sites.

App Update

Don't forget to update your app to version 6.5.1 so you can access all the latest updates and features!