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Cover Image for Admin Console Update V2.2.2

Admin Console Update V2.2.2

New Features 

  • Forms submission table list can now be downloaded into a CSV

  • Lot Based Management (StrataMax partners only)

    • Multiple owners per lot can now access Resvu

    • New ‘lot based table’ in admin console

    • User management table interface updates

    • ‘Lot switcher’ on resident portal for owners with multiple lots in the same scheme

Hot Fixes 

  • Some users could not reset password on resident app and admin console 

  • Admins can now be assigned for form submission notifications

  • Removing user from site error amended

  • Committee Hub topic voting corrected

  • PIQ users not getting updated with schedular is now fixed

Bug Fixes (Admin Console)

  • Archived admin users appearing in account site table for set manager has been resolved

  • Archived user now removed from the committee member list 

  • Users added as admin in site level are not admin in the company dashboard level are now showing

  • My portfolio view is now accurately reflecting requests/form submissions

  • Form submissions land in submission table much faster

  • Committee Hub - multiple/duplicate voting responses has been amended

  • Archived Sites appearing in site selection tables now removed

  • PIQ-Documents temporarily not showing in app is now resolved

Bug Fixes (Resident App)

  • Documents not showing newest to oldest, showing oldest to newest 

  • Downloading a pdf notices is now resolved

  • Resident-App my requests duplication error has been fixed

  • Resident App Password reset edge cases now working

  • Users will be able to open pdf's on android once app is updated