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PIQ Customer Integration Update

User scheduler Import:

  • Updated scheduler will import users including all the linked lots within a site

Admin Console:

  • Import users/owners table will show all users including the list of lots the user is linked to

  • In PIQ API configuration settings you can enable/disable levy notices on the app and set the number years to display levy data

  • Site/User management - ability to view all lots linked to a user on the details tab within user profile

  • Admins with access will be able to select and view lot details for all linked lots on the integrations tab within user profile

  • Admins will be able to view the specific lot number for a request created on the resident app

Resident App:

  • Lot owners will now be able to see levy notices and levies in the my home section of the app

  • They'll be able to switch between multiple lots (if they have them) to see different levies/levy notices for each lot

  • For users with multiple lots, they will see that the 'Levies' section has a lot selector including a breakdown of paid/unpaid levies divided by periods.

  • ‘Pay Now’ directs users to the deft website to make payments.

Help Centre:

  • We'll be updating our help centre articles to reflect these new changes

Cover Image for Admin Console Update 2.4.4

Admin Console Update 2.4.4

Admin Console Update 2.4.4 Features

  • PDF preview of form submissions can now have entire activity history included

  • Form submission emails now take you directly to the submission

  • PIQ partners will soon have additional integration benefits. Lot owners will be able to view levy notices and levy fee breakdowns from the app, with a direct link to the DEFT payment portal.

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Global feature toggles visual bug not reflecting true toggles resolved

  • Venue bookings requiring apartment compared to lot number bug fixed

  • Pending users correct number now showing in my port folio

  • Badge number showing closed requests now resolved

  • Documents for integrated customers now show newest to oldest including the category section

  • Committee groups for integrated customers now populating default groups

Resident App

  • Swiping left on app home screen no longer logs you out

  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes

Cover Image for Product Update + Admin Console Update 2.4.3

Product Update + Admin Console Update 2.4.3

Product Update

We've got some exciting times ahead here at Resvu in 2023:

  • Work order and quotes will be available in Quarter 4 this year on our new 'Enterprise' package - see more here: 

  • We will be reaching out in Q3 to share more prior to releasing these features.

  • To find out more about what's coming in 2023 please view our product roadmap here:

  • Updates to our online knowledge base are live.

  • We're redesigning the admin console and resident app so expect to see:

    • A cleaner more modern look

    • More intuitive and friendly UI

    • Less buttons but better work flow

    • a significant increase in performance, speed and overall usability

Admin Console Update 2.4.3 Features

  • Venues in concierge now have have multiple sitting times available which means you can create one venue with different blocks of the day available

  • New UI for tool bar in company dashboard, managers dashboard and site level for better navigation

  • Admins can toggle to receive email notifications (in form settings) if a resident/requestor messages in regard to a form submission they've made, internal notification bell will still work as designed

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Committee Group - Not populating site committee group/members has been resolved

  • Form field single select has character limit increased so there is no cut off on selections

  • Document download being greater than 5mb has been increased

  • Signup email is not working when new user is registered

  • Digital notice board gallery for some sites not rotating issue fixed

  • Levy notice amount not displaying all categories "defects" missing from app, levy total correct though (StrataMax customers only)

  • Multiple lot owner switching between lots can successfully lodge requests within same site

  • Newly imported sites to pick up global feature toggles resolved if setting listed

Resident App

  • Residents now get an email notification/push notification when an admin assignee messages them directly in relation to a form submission

  • Committee Members to close their own topics from the resident app as well as the admin console

  • Notification/push notification for user in app section when form assignee messages them directly.

Cover Image for Admin Console Update Version 2.4.2

Admin Console Update Version 2.4.2



  • You can now archive custom form templates

  • Open form submissions in new tabs so you don't lose your place in the submission table

  • Forms submission table to show "active" and "closed" submissions for Admins

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Forms filter will no longer carry over when changing sites in admin console

  • Custom app section new UI in admin console

  • Form submissions - More settings to display site requests on app/resident portal

  • Duplication of new user registration email to admin issue resolved

  • Account Approved methods have been refined where some users were experiencing issues logging in after approval

  • Survey deletion now removed from resident app as well as admin console

  • Site image from company dashboard edit now responsive

  • Email notifications for new users has been improved in notification settings for sites

Resident App

  • Site request names now visible across all requests

  • API for documents enhancement across integrated customers

  • Profile > Additional details section more functional in app/portal

  • Users registering by site code enhancements

Cover Image for Admin Console Update Version 2.4.1

Admin Console Update Version 2.4.1



  • Ability to change requestor for a form submission once it has been submitted

  • Option to add in a follow up date in any form submission which is visible in the submission table and can then be filtered by follow up date

  • Option to hide new submission in the form templates for company dashboard

  • Option to hide notes/messages in form submissions

Coming Soon

  • Manager's Dashboard being released March 14th

    • Save your specific manager view for primary sites you manage

      • including multiple admins view if you are assigned

    • See notification feed for all items relating to your sites

    • Manage your day to day admin console from one convenient dashboard

Platform Improvements

  • PIQ scheduler enhancements

  • Global comms notice scheme number removed for emails

  • Admin page increased performance

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Company dashboard now displaying our admin support chat icon

  • Forms filter carry over when changing sites has been rectified

  • Bulk site update notifications not saving when edited

  • Custom app Section preview with new UI

  • Downloading documents in resident portal now more consistent

Cover Image for Admin Console Update Version 2.4.0

Admin Console Update Version 2.4.0



  • Company Dashboard - Form Templates Library

  • You'll now be able to select from list of ready built forms for your sites

  • More templates to come!

  • Improved internal communication and engagement

    • Email/Admin console notifications for assigned managers and admins

    • Add multiple assignees to submissions

    • Ability to "@" tag other admins in comments

  • Forms submission links will now have a download to pdf option

User sign up

  • All users manually registering by "self-sign up" using a site code will appear in the "pending user table" and require admin approval to use the system

  • Imported users do not require manual approval by admins

Hot Fixes

  • PIQ scheduler improved performance and stability

  • Strata Max docs refinement and improvements

Resident App Updates

  • Document download and display issue resolved

  • Improved speed and functionality

Cover Image for Admin Console Update V2.3.0

Admin Console Update V2.3.0


  • Continued work being done on Manager Dashboard "Coming soon"!

  • Forms template library "Coming Soon"!

  • Documents now showing newest to oldest (My Home Section)

  • Organise forms order in Company Dashboard and Sites

Bug Fixes

  • Activation email duplication issue resolved (StrataMax users)

  • Email and Push/Mobile notifications glitch resolved

  • Some user notification preferences not applying, now resolved

  • Hidden site fields visibility in site requests fixed (Form submissions)

  • Resident-App: Duplicate requests resolved

Resident-app self-registration process

  • Admin approval now required for all new self-registered users, additional vetting process for more control over your sites.

App Update

Don't forget to update your app to version 6.5.1 so you can access all the latest updates and features!

Cover Image for Admin Console Update V2.2.2

Admin Console Update V2.2.2

New Features 

  • Forms submission table list can now be downloaded into a CSV

  • Lot Based Management (StrataMax partners only)

    • Multiple owners per lot can now access Resvu

    • New ‘lot based table’ in admin console

    • User management table interface updates

    • ‘Lot switcher’ on resident portal for owners with multiple lots in the same scheme

Hot Fixes 

  • Some users could not reset password on resident app and admin console 

  • Admins can now be assigned for form submission notifications

  • Removing user from site error amended

  • Committee Hub topic voting corrected

  • PIQ users not getting updated with schedular is now fixed

Bug Fixes (Admin Console)

  • Archived admin users appearing in account site table for set manager has been resolved

  • Archived user now removed from the committee member list 

  • Users added as admin in site level are not admin in the company dashboard level are now showing

  • My portfolio view is now accurately reflecting requests/form submissions

  • Form submissions land in submission table much faster

  • Committee Hub - multiple/duplicate voting responses has been amended

  • Archived Sites appearing in site selection tables now removed

  • PIQ-Documents temporarily not showing in app is now resolved

Bug Fixes (Resident App)

  • Documents not showing newest to oldest, showing oldest to newest 

  • Downloading a pdf notices is now resolved

  • Resident-App my requests duplication error has been fixed

  • Resident App Password reset edge cases now working

  • Users will be able to open pdf's on android once app is updated

Cover Image for Admin Console Update V2.1.1

Admin Console Update V2.1.1

Making things better in a better way!

We've just finished our latest sprint cycle with a more efficient approach, more hands on deck and thorough testing!

New Features

  • You can now generate a job link from form submissions and share this with external parties like contractors

  • Improved loading speed within account, user and site tables

    • load bar to show progress

  • When importing users via CSV, they will not require manual approval

  • Set up email notifications for custom form submissions and assignees

  • Forms submission table default view will now be 100 instead of 25

  • You can now filter the user tables by 'imported' and 'manually added' to assist with ongoing user management

Hot Fixes 'Integrations'

  • Importing PIQ users is now more reliable

  • Archived sites no longer appear in site selection tables

  • Users populating user tables correctly when imported

  • Paid levy balances will no longer generate push notification reminders for owners (StrataMax accounts only)

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Global useful links applying to current and future sites when selected

  • Imported StrataMax users not getting welcome email in some cases

  • User management pending/deleted users will now update correctly

  • Notice sent & reminder dates will be accurate now

  • Search filter for form submission improved

  • Option to add a 'description' when uploading notices

  • Archived sites are no longer displaying in some active site lists

  • Admin teams - applying users to divisions or folios

  • Updates to default committee groups in configuration for CR users

Resident App / Web Portal

  • Reply button in club messenger now visible in mobile app

  • Community wall infinity loading issue corrected

  • Uploaded files to form submissions now working on desktop/devices

Cover Image for Fixes & Improvements

Fixes & Improvements

Over the last two months we've been busy building feature improvements, performance updates and squashing bugs. Here are a few things we've deployed.

Feature Updates


  • You can now export a csv file for form submissions table from the site level. This will include the main fields, plus the latest comment.

  • We've added in a manual toggle for our forms requests which allows any request to be visible "site wide" under site requests. You can also toggle specific fields to be visible so you control what details are shown to other residents. in This is great for form requests that might be submitted by multiple residents such as a malfunction in a common area, now only one resident or staff can submit a form for all to see.


  • Improved deliveries functionality in concierge

  • Authorisations for venues now have "limit on number of bookings per time slot" instead of "limit on capacity per time slot".

  • Bookings can now be declined and reasons given for this.

System performance

  • Overall performance increase across our system, this should load certain pages or user information faster.

    • We are constantly working on improving this and will continue to invest in this area of Resvu.


  • User table now has filter to identify "manually added" or "imported" users.

My portfolio

  • Refresh toggle included to get up to date information from sites.

My home

  • Levy notices will show the most recent from the top now.


Sites and users

  • Issue with archiving sites and not users has been fixed. We will be improving our archive functions with future updates.

  • Site details in site settings not saving will now save correctly.

  • Activation email "play store" and "app store" icons fully visible.

Company dashboard

  • Global CSV exports were including archived sites/users, now only active sites/users will be included in export.

  • changing admin user name in company dashboard now changes name across all connected sites.

  • Company dashboard account settings not saving correctly has been resolved.


  • Forms "upload file" field improved.

  • Lines through middle of page on forms will no longer occur.

  • Forms not saving user types or set fields order is now fixed.

  • Editing forms not saving issue now resolved.


  • Notices "created" field filter working correctly

  • Alert notification sending duplicates now fixed.

  • Global newsletters can now be edited once created and saved for any changes to content and visibility.

  • Notices not appearing on app will now appear on app and web portal.


  • My documents viewing duplication issue has been corrected.

  • knowledge base link for admins connected to intercom has now been redirected to our hubspot articles.

  • Useful links not removed from site level if removed from company dashboard issue amended.

  • Useful link edits not saving and showing deleted links has now been amended.


  • Bookings requests error message resolved.

  • Bookings approved by management will now show that they are approved in "your bookings" section of the app or resident portal.